About Home Resource Planner

Home Resource Planner is a simple and intuitive service to manage your home inventory and assets. It needs few minutes of your time to set it up and enter inventory and asset information. Our service uses its patented algorithms to keep track of current state as well as show you future projections.

A frequently asked question for us is What can it do for me?. Instead of us answering the question, we have gathered feed back from our users and answer the questions for you. Following are highlights of what Home Resource Planner can do for you.

  1. A very obvious answer is that it will provide a quick overview of what do you have in your home.
  2. Lot of us have habit of forgetting where we put our items. You can enter hints when entering information about your assets and we will tell where the item may be located.
  3. If you are tracking perishable items, it alerts you when items are about to expire so you can consume them before you waste those delicious goodies you bought.
  4. If you are plan ahead kind of person and need to know when you are running low on certain items in home, we will notify you in advance.
  5. We can create shopping list for you based on your regularly consumed items as well as low inventory. We can even tell you what store has the best prices for the items.
  6. When filing home insurance claim, you have to answer questions to you insurance company about what you had, when you bought it, what was the value etc. Well now you can answer all those questions in no time.

And if you have some new feature in mind and Home Resource Planner does not have it, just drop us a line. We can work with you on adding the features. Of course, it will be shared with rest of our Home Resource Planner community.